Real Estate Agents: Let’s Talk About Snapchat Advertising!

Written By: warhol + west

The year is 2018 and I get it… you’re embarrassed that you haven’t had a chance to try Snapchat yet.  Your kids and neighbors are using it, and you’ve had a friend take a selfie with you using one of their funky filters – but should you sign up and become a member?  Honestly, that’s not what this article is about.   Social media for real estate agents – regardless of platform – is about engaging with your sphere and conveying to potential clients and the world that you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and likeable. Go where your friends, family, and (potential) clients are. Period.  So then what is this article about? Simple:   Should agents consider using Snapchat to advertise themselves and their brand?


Why should a real estate agent use Snapchat to advertise?


Realistically, there are two major reasons to advertise on Snapchat if you’re a real estate agent. First, Snapchat has a lot of millennial users – which, in case you haven’t noticed, are now the #1 home buying demographic here in the United States.  And two, because of the very specific ways Snapchat can target ads via geolocation, there is a lot of value opportunity to be found if you advertise on Snapchat the right way.


What is the right way?
Before we dive into that, I think it’s important to preface that if you’re serious about wanting to spend money on digital advertising, you may want to think about having your own website beforehand (shoot us a message if you have any questions about having your own agent website!!).   But with that said, Snapchat is all about what they call Geofilters.   Think of these as custom frames and filters that Snapchat users can put around the photos they take while they are within a physical boundary that you define.


The value of Snapchat ads for real estate agents comes when you advertise in a small area during a local community event or gathering.  A prime example of a good opportunity would be creating a geofilter around the park that showcases your town’s 4th of July fireworks celebration.  And though Snapchat doesn’t allow for the precision-targeting of demographics that platforms such as Facebook or Google provide, it makes up for that fact by advertising to users that are truly within your immediate vicinity.


Will you get a direct lead as a result of a Geofilter? Meaning, will someone see your filter, drop everything, and call you to sell their home?  I think we all know that outcome is unlikely.   But we think it’s safe to consider Snapchat a FANTASTIC supplemental piece of marketing to help get your name out there in a subtle yet technologically ‘hip’ way.


Every real estate agent should understand that it takes multiple avenues of exposure to get your name out there and actually have it stick.  We feel these sort of ads should only be done with events that you actually plan on attending – as not only does the geofilter itself provide a bit of a conversation starter with those around you, but being present at local events is truly one of the cornerstones of becoming known as a local resource and real estate expert (though that’s a whole other topic of conversation!). Having that 1-2 punch of advertising + local exposure is truly a powerful thing.  And given the relatively low cost for these ads, we consider them a good value for agents looking to do something a little outside the norm.


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