Real Estate Agents: Do you really need your own website?

Written By: warhol + west

From total newcomers to seasoned professionals, the question of whether or not you really need your own website as a real estate agent comes up quite a bit.  In today’s landscape, most brokerages provide to their agents a pretty limited profile page (usually tied into the centralized site) that more often than not includes basic features such as a bio, a list of previous sales, a home search, and testimonials.  Those can be great!  But we’re not talking about those.  What we’re referring to are the third party custom websites that agents/teams build outside of the standard one provided by the company.  Is putting forth the money and effort towards your own personalized website worth it as a real estate agent?  The answer really depends on you and your needs as a Realtor.


As web designers for agents, we know it’s hard for us to not come across as bias – but here’s the simple truth: Having a website is definitely NOT for everybody. But nearly every single top producing individual and team DOES have their own website.  There’s definitely a reason for this. Allow us to explain:


A website is not a passive entity. Yes, simply having one can establish a certain sense of authority and legitimacy when going after bigger listings or developments – but only to a certain extent.  There are a lot of real estate agents out there who believe that by simply having their own website, they’ll suddenly be a big player in the game and that the leads will start pouring in.  That’s just not true.  There are only two reasons to have a website if you’re a real estate agent: 1) You enjoy creating content for your community or listings and need a platform/portfolio to foster an audience of buyers and sellers (think: articles, listing videos, local news or happenings, etc). Or 2) You want to utilize the latest digital marketing strategies and be in total control of your lead capturing efforts (facebook ads, landing pages, etc).  If you as a realtor are not willing or able to use a website to do those things, having one in the first place may not be in your best interests. Top producing agents understand the potential of having their own platform and lead capture system and are willing to invest the time and/or money to create content and be on the cutting edge.  If you as an agent aren’t engaged with your website, why would you expect potential clients to be?


And that’s why we’re comfortable saying that a website is simply not for every agent.  We understand that making personal connections and establishing yourself as a trustworthy community advocate can AND SHOULD be done the old fashioned way. Real estate is an industry that relies on personal relationships  so a website alone will never overshadow the importance of putting yourself out there and networking face to face.   But if you’re able to utilize the potential a custom website provides, the results can be overwhelmingly successful!


We’re here to help.  We know this can be a lot to take in, so if you’re unsure of how you should proceed with regards to your online presence, we provide free consultations where we evaluate your needs and provide you a path towards success.  Let’s get started!

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Interested in your own website? 

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We can guide you through the process!

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