Real Estate Agents: Embrace video in 2018 or be forgotten in 2019

Written By: warhol + west

With the year coming to an end and the market slowing down in most areas, now is the time to start preparing your marketing efforts for 2018.  One of the things we’re having our agents focus on in the coming year is the jump to start embracing video.  While videos on the internet have been a thing for years now, it’s impacts are becoming harder and harder to ignore, especially as competition gets fiercer and fiercer.


What is the point of social media as a real estate agent?


There are a lot of reasons and ways to utilize social media to help further your career as a real estate agent, but the biggest reason is simple: Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc) allows for you to maintain contact with your sphere of influence in a very efficient and inexpensive way.  From liking a photo of a client’s kid to wishing people happy birthday, Facebook is in many ways a CRM for agents.  And the best part? None of it costs any money!


So why video? 

Well, because that’s what people want to see AND it’s what people share with their friends. Two stats to consider: 1) Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.  and 2) Studies have shown video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic.  Both of those stats are HUGE!

When it comes to social media, realize it’s all about YOU.  People don’t care that your listing has an open house on Sunday –  they care that YOU’RE doing an open house.  To be successful , agents need to INSERT THEMSELVES into the stories they post.  For instance, instead of simply posting a link to a listing page and advertising a new property for sale – an agent should take a selfie with the new clients or in front of the house and post about how they’re SUPER EXCITED for the opportunity to sell this beautiful home.  Videos allow for more compelling ways to INSERT YOURSELF into the stories you post.


Paralysis through analysis 


Most agents we talk to have trouble breaking through planning stages of doing their first videos.  They either feel stupid, awkward or think the quality is too poor to really be taken seriously.  But here’s the thing: People don’t care about quality as long as they like what they’re watching – and since they’re friends with you,  there’s a good chance they actually enjoy you as a person.  Just go for it! Our biggest advice to agents wanting to do video: Jump in.  After each video, you’re very likely to have learned a thing or two to apply to the next video.   Skeptical of the results?  We have seen agents literally build their entire client base and business through Facebook/Instagram videos.  It works.  And we’re not talking about highly produced videos with professional equipment, but with simple Facebook Live videos.  It can be done. It just takes effort on your part!


Potential topics/ideas:

  • Showcasing a listing/open house/price reduction/just sold/etc
  • Local neighborhood news and market updates (Avg prices, # of homes, interesting trends)
  • Commonly asked questions from buyers
  • Why now is a good time to sell
  • Loan program opportunities for various demographics/professions (veterans, doctors, etc)
  • Creative outlets (lip syncs, skits, etc)

There should never really be a shortage of things to talk about with real estate.  But if you do have trouble, feel free to contact us and we can give you a few more 🙂


Tools to use for video


There are A LOT of different apps and software out there to help make this process easy for you all – it comes down to what level of production quality you’re looking for AND what platform you’re hoping to post on.  Here, we’re assuming you’ll be going the DIY route.

Video production apps:

iMovie – If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.  Piece together clips and picture, add music, and more.

Ripl (Free to use – $9.99/mo professional upgrade).  Graphic templates, allows text over images, lots of looks. Also produces traditional graphics.  Don’t forget that equal housing logo, people!!

Videolicious – Similar to Ripl. Add intros/closers. Available on Android/iOS

Facebook Live! – Doing things live is a good way to jump out of that “Paralysis through analysis” phase.

Facebook Creators App – You’ll have to apply to get this app, but if you’re approved you’ll be allowed to do some extra things with your Facebook Live stream!


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